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Look how time changes, Paintball Asylum in its infancy. ...

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Who plans on grinding the Asylum Open layout this weekend? Are you? ...

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Paintball Asylum shared Louisville City FC's LouCity goes paint-balling. ...

"We wanted to have a little fun with the team, so we came out to do some paint-balling." Yup, that happened. Good times yesterday at Paintball Asylum.

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  • Thedeadprince

    can’t wait until tomorrow!!!!

  • The-doctor

    what is go’n postal about.?

    • Kenny

      It is a scenario game that involves 2 teams competing for envelops that are worth points that add up to make that team the winner. The top points winner then wins the right to the top tear prize raffle that has a few thousand dollars in value of paintball gear. The loosing team still gets prizes it is just the lower tear prizes still in the couple thousand of dollar range. You don’t have to be a pro to play this event many new players participate, it is re spawn and what that means if you get shot you just have to check in and you re enter the game, the next gonpostal date is 6/4 so don’t miss it you will have one of the best paintball experiences ever.

      • Michael22ky

        Will there be an upcoming game in July??? Trying to get the team to come out and play…

  • Bstout

    How much does it cost 

  • Nickster

     what gear do you have to have to play? Also can you only use semi auto or other settings?

  • Bstout

    A gun, pods, pack, mask, and some paintballs

  • Bstout

    I only have semi auto pmi pirhana

  • Therealmccoy

    loved Castle Conquest last year!

  • pbfan

    whats castle conquest about i tried to find info but nothing.

  • Austinlewishenry

    Are there any speed ball tournaments


Xtreme Laser Combat Arena

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