Louisville #1 Paintball Facility

Paintball Asylum shared Asylum Xtreme Sports and Hobbies's photo. ...

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Spantastik Media got this INSANE clip of hometown heroes Louisville Asylum putting in work at the National Xball League #WorldCup2015, who has ever been roasted like this on a paintball field? :) ...

Surprise! Today's #GoingInSlow installment features #Spantastik alumni Louisville Asylum posted down the 50 dorito side and roasting the unsuspecting opponent mercilessly in beautiful 480 frame per second 1080p, tag a homie or team mate who has been on either side of the spectrum (y) We got more #GoingInRaw, #GIS, and event videos from MSXL Events & National Xball League #WorldCup2015 so stay tuned, stay dank, and as always if you want the best #RepTheS!

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We here at Paintball Asylum strive to deliver the best possible paintball experience, which is why we have decided to postpone the Xtreme Conquest event until 11/28/2015 due to severe weather moving into the area.

We hope to see you all at the field next weekend and to show you all how much we appreciate your loyalty we will be giving out 1 free round in our new Xtreme Laser Combat Arena to every player who takes part in Xtreme Conquest.

Splat Your Friends.

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Cleaning out the old filing cabinet, now that's some history, Asylum has been running tournaments and paintball games longer than most players have been breathing! ...

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Go’n Postal 2012 – Dates Have Arrived

The dates for Go’n Postal 2012 have been decided! You start register online today, all the way up until the day of the event. If you register online it will only cost $35.00, but if you wait to the day of the event it will cost $40.00. So register in advanced!

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