Louisville #1 Paintball Facility

It was that time of the year again where we Asylum entertains Camp Runamok with the help of Crown Royal. ...

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MSXL Mid Ohio Open Day 1 ...

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Kentucky Moonshine

Revenuers vs. Moonshiners II

@ Asylum Paintball – Louisville, KY

For years, Pappy and his clan have kept the Revenuers out of Copperhead Woods..

Unfortunately, Pappy passed away last year, and the Revenuers think they have a chance

to take out the Clan’s moonshine business. Standing in their way is John Lee Pettimore.

You see, John Lee is the grandson of Pappy and he has taken over the moonshine process

and is the head of the clan. John Lee has taken the clan into the 21st century and brought

other things in to make money. Not only are they still making moonshine, they are also

running drugs down Copperhead Road to help grow John Lee’s clan kingdom.

The only thing standing in John Lee’s way is Agent Robert Lightfoot and Agent

Larry Carwell. The agents are determined to stop John Lee and his clan from spreading

their shine and drugs. This means invading Copperhead Woods and destroying John

Lee’s operations and arresting him and his clan.

Who will win control over Copperhead Woods? Will the clan and John Lee

remain in control of the woods and their operations, or will the revenuers take control and

destroy everything?

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Yea you all think working at Paintball Asylum is all fun and games. ...

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Paintball Asylum shared Asylum Xtreme Sports and Hobbies's post. ...

Headed up to the MSXL Indy open? Asylum Xtreme has you covered on all you last minute tournament needs. Make sure you stop by our brand new Xtreme mobile store.

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Go’n Postal 2012 – Dates Have Arrived

The dates for Go’n Postal 2012 have been decided! You start register online today, all the way up until the day of the event. If you register online it will only cost $35.00, but if you wait to the day of the event it will cost $40.00. So register in advanced!

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