Louisville #1 Paintball Facility

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Nick Cook is having fun splatting his Friends for his bachelor celebration! ...

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Paintball Asylum shared MSXL Events's event. ...

2016 Music City Open

May 14, 2016, 9:00am - May 15, 2016, 3:00pm

Sharp Springs Natural Area

Americas favorite brand of divisional tournament paintball! Affordable fun for the whole family! Spectators get in free! Series Champions win free entry to NXL World Cup! *Experienced Professional Staff *Amazing Prize Pkgs *Affordable Entries and Paint *RaceTo Formats *Compete with multiple world champion teams *Over 2500 total participants in 2015! www.msxlevents.com Registration: paintball-players.org/cgi-bin/signup.cgi?submitLID84=Mid-South+XBall+League

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Are you ready to "Go Postal" this Saturday!? ...

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Splat Your Friends

Come splat your friends this weekend at Paintball Asyum.

  • Jamie

    If you take your kids there, expected to be treated rudely and aggressively.  The employees are rude when you call for information and they will not give you any information unless you ask the right question.  It is more for the “bigkids”  kids under 16 are not welcome there. 

    • knik

      i been playing on asylum for 1 year and the staff has been always friendly and i have never seen somebody treat a kid rudely or aggressively and i am 14 

    • grisly

      I just went there with my 10 year old niece and my 12 year old nephew and his friends who are all 10-13 and we were treated great and had a fantastic time shooting strangers and friends alike out in the muddy cold. Perhaps your visit was just an off-day.

  • mporter499

    What are the houtsthere open this saturday?

  • Caden

    I have not seen the staff be rude. A bit unfriendly, but most were willing to answer our questions and such. However, when a man raged and shot his entire hopper until me, and two other friends, at close range, and the staff did not force this grown man to apologize for assaulting thirteen year old boys, I was upset.

  • james

    When r the best times to go to play with other players that are regulars

  • TopGunner132

    Can you play airsoft here!?


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